Irena Sibrijns

Red earthenware body, with a white slip, decorated with coloured slips and a variety of techniques such as sgraffito, slip trailing and wax resist. The work is fired twice, using an electric kiln, up to 1125 degrees celsius. My work has developed into a mixture of utilitarian ware and decorative pieces. Most work starts out on the wheel, with some more decorative pieces being hand-built. Designs grow around specific themes, but each piece is unique and individually decorated. The style of the work springs from the English 20th century decorative arts tradition, and I collaborate with the Charleston Trust, producing ceramics for their gallery at Charleston House. I also teach design workshops at the V & A, and at Charleston House. Many of the themes used in my work are derived from living on the Suffolk coast, treated with varying levels of abstraction. Website: Email:

  • Platter

  • Bluebird Vessel

  • Bowl

  • Plate

  • Jug

  • Gull Vessel