Jacqueline Pooley

After completing a two-year art and design course at Lowestoft College, I then went on to gain a degree in three-dimensional design at West Surrey College in Farnham specialising in Ceramics. My work develops from a love of nature and forms that evolve through a series of drawings. The porcelain is thinly rolled out and then imprinted with texture and fine details. Shapes are then cut using a template, the edges are pinched to increase the translucency and to allow light to filter through. Another added dimension is the shadows that the hangings create also the movement within the mobiles. The work is made in porcelain and fired to a high temperature; I use this material for its translucency and strength. I produce my own glazes, mixing these together to achieve a rich, varied texture on the surface, adding several layers to increase the depth. Email: jacquip8@sky.com Facebook: Jacqueline Pooley ceramics

  • ceramic mackerel

  • ceramic plaice

  • ceramic fish mobile

  • ceramic fish

  • ceramic flatfish

  • Ceramic fish and starfish